Brighton Folk:

People Watching, For Sport

Published by The History Press, this hardbound monolith of a book is a culmination for the Brighton Folk series and features an even mixture of some of your favourites as well as completely new, never-before-seen photographs, taken in Brighton over the last decade. Own a signed copy now by transferring currency from your bank account into mine using the big button (UK orders only). Otherwise, use one of the links below that, they will ship pretty much anywhere.


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80 photos. 128 pages. High-quality print on beautifully textured paper. Hardbound.

Very nice indeed.


As of 3rd August the book is available for purchase anywhere in the UK and most of Europe. People can purchase it from me or from a range of book shops and online retailers listed below. Folk in the US will have to wait until 1st November, 2020. Even though, you are able to preorder on Amazon and other retailers like Barnes & Noble.

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Bright•on |ˈbrītn|

a resort town on the southern coast of England; pop. 133,400.

folk |fōk| (also folks)

plural noun

1 informal people in general : some folk will do anything for money | an old folks' home.

  • • a specified group of people : some city folk cringe at the notion of consuming these birds.
  • • ( folks) used as a friendly form of address to a group of people : meanwhile, folks, why not relax and enjoy the show?
  • • ( one's folks) the members of one's family, esp. one's parents : I get along all right with your folks.

2 folk music : a mixture of folk and reggae.


1 adjective [ attrib. ] of or relating to the traditional art or culture of a community or nation : a revival of interest in folk customs | a folk museum.

  • • relating to or originating from the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people : a folk hero | folk wisdom.

2 of or relating to folk music : performing at a folk club in Chicago.

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