Brighton Folk

People-watching, For Sport

Brighton Folk is a personal street photography project aiming to document the wonderful people of Brighton, a South-Eastern coastal town in Britain only one hour away from London. Brighton's residents have a reputation for their vivid eccentricity.

Point of this series is not to prove whether that is true or not. More so it is simply to observe and capture the essence of Brighton – it's architecture and people – regardless of how mundane it may seem. Then let the viewer decide for themselves.

Brighton Folk
People-watching, For Sport


Omg omg OMG! Can't believe i am even saying these words, but it's true. Brighton Folk, the book, is out as of 3rd August and you can order your copy now.


Bright•on |ˈbrītn|

a resort town on the southern coast of England; pop. 133,400.

folk |fōk| (also folks)

plural noun

1 informal people in general : some folk will do anything for money | an old folks' home.

  • • a specified group of people : some city folk cringe at the notion of consuming these birds.
  • • ( folks) used as a friendly form of address to a group of people : meanwhile, folks, why not relax and enjoy the show?
  • • ( one's folks) the members of one's family, esp. one's parents : I get along all right with your folks.

2 folk music : a mixture of folk and reggae.


1 adjective [ attrib. ] of or relating to the traditional art or culture of a community or nation : a revival of interest in folk customs | a folk museum.

  • • relating to or originating from the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people : a folk hero | folk wisdom.

2 of or relating to folk music : performing at a folk club in Chicago.

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